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Why Affordable Bankruptcy Courses?

Affordable Bankruptcy Courses offers just that.  Our courses are each competitively priced:

Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course for only $15
Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Course for only $19

Each course is also available in an interactive online format in both English and Spanish.  Our courses are easy to complete and understand and we provide a quick turnaround time for issuing certificates.   As a matter of fact, the certificates can be sent directly via email. 

The Affordable Bankruptcy Course platform offers low costs solutions for your clients to fulfill their Pre-Filing Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Debtor Education requirements, while helping you by streamlining the bankruptcy process.  When it comes to cost conscious clients, Affordable Bankruptcy Courses exceeds expectations at bargain prices.  As a low cost leader, take advantage of what Affordable Bankruptcy Courses has to offer today!

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